Sponsor A Shelf

We’re looking for businesses to sponsor a shelf in our Nourish Store at Cedarwood. For £50 per week, you can sponsor a shelf in our community supermarket, which is used by over XXX people per week.

Sponsors will be highlighted in the store and promoted on social media, as well as potential local mainstream media coverage such as features in the Chronicle, BBC Look North and more.

Why sponsor a shelf?
Cedarwood’s Nourish Store is a community supermarket, offering groceries and household essentials at a vastly discounted cost. The store relies on donations from supermarkets​ to fill our shelves to offer to our customers affordable prices. We also work incredibly hard to redirect food waste to avoid landfill and make it available to people at a significant discount.

As demand for our service increases, we need to ensure we have enough items across the shelves for the community. Your £50 will enable us to plug the gaps, where needed.

Alongside a static promotional poster in the Nourish Store for one week, we will feature, mention and link to your business on social media and in our newsletter. Our average social media reach across all platforms is over 122,000 people.

You can make a quiet donation, or we encourage you to visit the centre for a photo, representing your business and donation.

To discuss making a donation, please contact us using the form below: