Make Your Own Play-dough

Learn how to make your own home-made Playdough. It’s simple, easy and cheap to make. Great fun for all.


Everyone knows I love playdough. Making and playing with it. It has so many benefits in several ways from fine motor skills to language expressions and emotional development. For many it can be seen as messy and expensive especially if bought from a toy shop or supermarket. It need not be though! All it takes is a few simple ingredients. 10 mins and voilà. Super cheap, super easy fun.

Play with it on a table, a waterproof mat or even on a clean hard floor. There is no need for shape cutters, rollers gadgets etc, just a touch of imagination and enthusiasm to get the fun started.

The Educational Bit…

Here are just a few areas of development that can be encouraged with a lump of playdough:
From quiet play to dramatic acting PLAYDOUGH can be anything! It’s a fantastic outlet for whatever the imagination desires. 

Fine motor skills:
Squishing, rolling, prodding all help to strengthen hands and their ability to manipulate everyday items such as scissors, laces, pencils…

Socioemotional development:
During play imagination is ignited offering endless opportunities for children to experience both independent and co-operative play. Both help to teach life skills, exploration of abilities, emotions, learn how to cooperate, develop self-control and build friendships.

Speech and Language:
Chat, discuss, describe, animate through play. It all helps to develop expanding vocabulary. There are so many ways to develop verbal, listening communication and comprehension ability through playdough. 

Sensory, Tactile:
Playdough can act like a stress reliever, a bit like a stress ball. Rolling, squeezing, stretching manipulating the dough can help to ease away frustrations. Though its tactile consistency it’s all about hands on exploring. Textures can be added in various ways to adapt the feel and nature of the dough. Try it yourself.