Half-Term Kids Club

We’re running a kids’ club at the centre during half-term next week. Sessions will be from 11:00am to 12:30pm and will be offering lunch too. There are 15 spaces available for children aged 4-8 years. Parents need to book a space for their children. Please call the centre on ​0191 259 0245 to secure a place.

Games & Crafts
Halloween hunt – clues left around the room/s
Create & eyeball slime – can take home in tubs/ziplock bags

Games & Crafts
Skeleton scavenger – Find all the bones in teams and assemble your skeleton
Create pipe cleaner spiders / draw and cut out spiders to pin on the web

Drama/Imagination Games
Name games
Splat & Wink murder – focus & problem solving
Wizards, gremlins, trolls – team game, active
Heads down, thumbs up (guess who picked you) – focus, concentration
4 corners – run to themed corners (one group is out each turn) – team game/active
4 corners – groups rotate and completing pictures in each corner – team game/creative

Drama/Imagination Games
Shuffle monster – team game, communication, active
“What are you doing?” mime game – creative, focus, active
Racetrack – imagining obstacles, active
Build objects as a team using only their bodies – team game, active, creative
Evolution game (witch/skeleton/ghost) – problem-solving, active
Favourite activities from day before

Halloween Party/Disco
Musical monsters
Pass the hot pumpkin (hot potato)
4 corners – run to Halloween themed corners
Goo relay race (outdoor game with washing up liquid & water)
Mummy races (toilet roll round legs)
Monsters catwalk/competition

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  1. Kate on 10 October 2021 at 12:00

    Could I take 2 spaces av rang the number above and left message thanks Kate