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Every single penny we receive from donations can help improve someone's life.

What Does My Donation Do?


  • Pays for one meal each for a family of 4. (If subsidised).
  • Pays for a meal every day for one person for a week. (if subsidised).
  • Allows us to provide care packs for those in need or experiencing crisis.


  • Pays for one meal each for a family of 4.
  • Pays for a meal every day for one person for a week.


  • Pays for 2 hrs of entertainment, resources and activities for the elders accessing the centre.
  • Pays for 2 hrs of an expert’s time to come in to discuss and support vulnerable adults with issues surrounding debts, housings, budgets, cooking and substance dependency.


  • Allows us to offer additional experiences to the community for a one off am/pm sessions.

All money kindly donated is put straight back into the Cedarwood Trust. It allows us the opportunity to support and improve the lives of the residents on the Meadow Well estate. All funds raised are distributed throughout the centres main areas. Early years and families, food poverty, vulnerable adults and the elders.

Whether your donation is contributing towards a free meal for someone, resources for one of our community groups, offering a friendly encouraging face to alleviate social isolation or assisting in a crisis, please be assured that 100% of anything that you donate will have a positive impact on that individual and by supporting them we will hopefully see a greater impact on the whole community.

If you would like to make a larger donation and would like to know more about where your money is being spent then please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the information.

Our Funders

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Our Supporters

We work with a wide range of organisations to help us achieve the work we do:

​Huge thanks to all of the lovely people who donate to the centre and our charity shop and all of our wonderful volunteers who help, whether that be a regular role or offer help as required.